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These Creative Mentorship Programmes are developed from my 25 + years of working with people from all walks of life as they have needed to pivot or change.

Human beings generally don't like change or uncertainty. Yet change is one of life's great consistencies. 

So how might we parter change powerfully and creatively?

Warning:- If you don't want to be challenged this journey is likely, not for you.

If, however you are hungry for choice and freedom in the face of whatever shows up in life, this will likely speak you.

This Mentorship programme - take as many or as few as suits - provide a series of super valuable well-tested tools and methodologies to set you up to make clear choices that enable you to focus on what matters to you when the *%& hits the fan as well as when life is good.


Express Yourself



This is a deep dive into your unique self expression. 

This journey will open new doors to you expressing you.



A three session deep dive into your Values and your unique

Communication Styles.


The more you know yourself, the more freedom you'll have to express yourself and the more communication tools you have, the easier communicating can be. 


Over three sessions we will unpack your communication style(s) and the explore barriers to your effective communication by exploring but not limited to: active listening, bringing clarity, making and receiving requests and feedback

This programme is the culmination of fifteen plus years of experience distilled down into super effective & simple tools via worksheets, observations, conversations and curiosity. 

Sessions via Zoom and material via Google Docs.

If you are wanting your communication to land with the clunk you'd like it to to have and if you're wanting to be seen and heard,

click on the button below.




Personal Re-Set

This is your gift to yourself to review, reflect and re-set.

I have crafted this intimate journey, from 15 years of coaching

to leave you acknowledged, freed up and


This journey will bring balance and boundaries abound.


A six session deep dive into your what matters to you and what barriers

exist to you embracing and pursing these..


The more stable your inner world and the more you understand you, the greater resilience you have to navigate the ever-changing outer world.


Over six (6) weeks we will explore your values, and how they play out in your

life - or not; what you want more of and what you want less of and how to

create a fabric reflecting you and what you're wanting.


Extensive experience training and developing people to stand in their power, distilled down into super effective & simple tools via worksheets, observations, conversations and curiosity. 

Sessions via Zoom and material via Google Docs.


If you are wanting to clear the decks, bring clarity and your inner leadership

to your next 12 months, click on the button below.



Grow Your Vision

Leadership Development  (6 weeks) $399

To be released soon  Click to register your interest.

Communication & Listening, Request Mastery, the Power of Play,

Creative Problem Solutioning

Creative Intelligence Business Strategy

Not Currently Open Click to register your interest.

- Eco system and Value Chain understandings

- Business Model Canvas 

- Relationship + Negotiation Navigation

- Creative Problem Solutioning

- Requests and 'No's'

- Strategic Planning + Roadmap

"It's Your Life: Creative Intelligence  (6 months) $1199

Not Currently Open Click to register your interest.

 - your personal creative intelligence coach in your back pocket for a full 6 months 

Here's what people are saying about working with me as a Coach.

Why spend this time with your?

The more stable your inner world, the greater resilience you have to navigate the ever-changing outer world.

Life will always throw things your way - 
a sick child, a new job,
 a lost friendship, death of a loved one.... 
All of this. best 'good' or 'bad', is change. 
We are not great with change; yet it's always coming.

The most powerful person in any room is the most relaxed. Why? Because they have less cortisol (fear hormone) racing through their body impacting their decisions making capacity and their ability to regulate emotions and make sound judgements. 

Understanding YOU puts you in the drives seat. 
I want you to have your hands on the levers and dials of your life with all your power and all your gifts on tap. Mastering one's mind and understanding what drives and passion are in play are key to a life that works.  


Why spend time me?

I believe a world fuelled by creativity is one where communication is effective, understanding is deeper and hence compassion richer, collaboration is a given and people are more fulfilled. We are living in times demanding greater flexibility and resilience than ever before.

And here's where the real value of creativity comes in. These skills are foundational to creating abundant sustainable futures. I do what I do to provide access to the skills that will enable you to navigate whatever life throws your way. I'm interested in people being empowered and enabled to live their best - why? Because everyone benefits. 

What you can count on me for?

I will be in your corner always. 

This means I will remind who you are when you forget.

What I can count on you for?

That's for us to create together,

NB Coaching is not a substitute for medical or other professional assistance. 



Reach out 

If you're wanting to know more:- 

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“When learning is purposeful, creativity blossoms.
When creativity blossoms, thinking emanates.
When thinking emanates, knowledge is fully lit.
When knowledge is lit, everyone flourishes.”
—A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

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