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Creativity Injections

I've crafted a jumble of super effective and well tested methods and tools around creativity and

creative thinking. 


Here's how I keep expanding my creativity?

  1. Do ordinary tasks different

  2. Sketch

  3. Read what you wouldn't normally 

  4. Ask 'why' A LOT.

  5. Get really curious

  6. Brainstorm 

  7. Consider 'how else?' 

  8. Invite boredom

  9. Get comfortable with the unknown

  10. Look for what happens in-between 


Making Space

Creative thinking and creative processes require space.

If you're filled up with busy-ness or anxiety or unfinished issues it will limit your ability to be creative.

Do your taxes

Clean out the garage

Make those calls you've been putting off

Stop doing things you resent

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