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Hi, I'm Sarah.

I believe a world fuelled by creativity is one where communication is effective, understanding is deeper and hence compassion richer, collaboration is a given and people are more fulfilled. We are living in times demanding greater flexibility and resilience than ever before.

And here's where the real value of creativity comes in. These skills are foundational to creating abundant sustainable futures.

This is the future I am living into.



My special sauce is empowering you to unlock your creativity.

Your creativity is your key to expanding your resilience; your intuition and your inner leadership.


Come on the Journey 

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“The true sign of intelligence is not
Albert Einstein


Who I Work With as a Mentor 

Creativity is inherent to all human beings.

Developing your creativity can enhance self awareness, problem solving, performance and joy.

This plays out most particularly in how we communicate, whether it be verbally or written; in conversation or in negotiation, externally or internally, artistically, spiritually or visually.

Human beings have an inherent need to communicate - exchange of information. It's why being seen and heard is deeply satisfying - it feeds a fundamental need. It's also why if this need is not fed why life can seem isolated and joyless.

This is why I have specialised in communication - visual and beyond.

   If you are seeking:

  • clarity and better communication  

  • to elevate your self awareness and develop your intuition

  • greater confidence, more resilience and self expression across life

    You could be:

  • Traversing change or transition in your work or family life

  • Feeling stuck and wanting movement 

  • Artists, singer singer writers, actors - creatives navigating a block or a dry spell

  • A change maker seeking to tackle complicated business or social problems

  • Community or business leader, researcher, policy and strategy creator seeking new perspective.



When I speak of 'creating' I mean the act of doing something consciously and potentially in a new way.

This process naturally enables a reflection, sometimes a pause, certainly a heightened intentionality. And it's in this slowing that curiosity elevates, that new possibilities and imagination can grow. This is where new solutions to problems of any size reside. 

To read what my clients say about working with me: click here.

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