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sarah norton

P H O T O G R A P H E R 

love   .   intimacy   .   connection 

These photography sessions are not what you think. My special sauce as a photographer is bringing all my communication and creative intelligence expertise of 30 + years to your shoot to bring out your best.I re-direct your focus from the terror of having a camera on you to what are you wanting as an outcome from the shoot.... what kind of job, who will see these family images in a decade, 30 years etc.

This has you reflective and present, AND most critically, it has you in the creative realm. Here's when I shoot, because when you're present, I'm capturing all of you and this is when you look great.

It's not just me who says this - read on: - Here's what people say: click here.

I recall the 1st SLR I got may hands on: -I was 15 and terrified of life and people and most everything. 

With a camera in hand and a lens between me and life, I found I could feel safe, even brave stepping out into the world. Funny how life works hey?!

Fast forward 35 years later I have been practising my craft ever since, have fallen in love with life and people - and it's become a real passion and a vehicle for transformation for my clients.



Family Portraiture Session

These sessions where you are in the pictures, not merely the one taking them.

Typically these are 45-60 minutes and up to 8 people.

I work in natural light so together we pick a spot that will suit you and your loved ones.

Having selected a date and time, we will co-design the shoot - what shots you want and with whom and how.

Lastly, I will then walk you through what to wear to bring out your best.

On the day your job is to relax, my job is to bring joy and allow the love shared amongst your loved ones to emerge.

Investment: $450

Your package includes 10 high resolution colour balanced and fully edited digital files.

You're welcome to purchase further digital images at $50 each or $1200 for the

full set of 80+ images.

New Born Portrait Session 

These sessions are truly intimate and super special. 

Allow for 90 minutes as bub will direct everything that happens and this may involve all manner of liquids. 

It's my job to bring the gentle grounding which I promise I will. You Mum, however you are is fine.

These sessions are generally inside as bub will be sensitive to light and smells and familiarity. I'm also open to whatever we create, so outside can happen should you choose. Have on hand any props you'd like or not. This is your shoot capturing this very special time. 


Investment: $600

Your package includes 10 high resolution colour balanced and fully edited digital files.

You're welcome to purchase further digital images at $50 each or $1200 for the

full set for 80+ images.


Professional Headshots

It's not just show you look, it's how you feel that is conveyed in your headshots.

Radical right?!

On my shoots, I work with you so you are connected to what matters to you. This might be your family, your business or the planet. When you're in this space, your frequency is different and so is how you show up. It's the difference between being present and not. And that's the difference between having a head shot that expresses who you are and has people want to work with you. 

You'll leave the session with sharp clarity around what you're after and with whom.


Investment: $390

Your package includes 5 high resolution colour balanced and fully edited digital files.

You're welcome to purchase further digital images at $50 each or $600 for the full set of 35 - this includes 2 changes.

By prior arrangement.

"Whoever would have thought that a photographer asking you to connect with your purpose, would produce really
beautiful authentic shots?!"
"Sarah has a really incredible knack of bringing out the best of you in her photo shoots. She does this by asking you deep questions about why you do what you do and what it means to you to see your clients get results and manages to capture this emotion in your photographs.

This has been such a pleasant change from standard ‘corporate headshot’ photography.
It was a lovely, Creative and collaborative experience and I'm really happy with the results."
Rebecca Allen 
Executive Coach & CEO Adviser

Eugene McGarrell

Health Executive & Board Director

What I really loved about Sarah's approach to my professional photo shoot was her authentic ability to connect with the person I am and with the message I want to convey. Sure, she took care of the technical aspects during the shoot, but her constant dialogue created an open, honest and vulnerable capture of my essence."

Katharine McLennan

CEO Adviser

"Sarah combines her work her psychological and behavioural skills with the way she photographs, (also the way she paints and the way she sculpts). On my photoshoot she drew my "real self" and my "potential self" it felt like yet another way she ensures the essence of me is revealed."

Karl Bourke

Account Director 

Sarah is a great photographer and a master conversationalist, wonderful at relaxing and opening up people so she can capture not just the externals but also a reflection of the inner light of each of her clients. We laughed a lot during my session with her and this was reflected in the photography. Really enjoyed the experience.
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