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My name is Sarah.

I'm DELIGHTED you're here.

Welcome into the delicious realm of creativity.

Following years of exploring what it is to live creatively I am clear this is your key to living freely and fully.

I believe that how we make choices; how we parent, lead; how we communicate

and prioritise and subsequently perform in all areas of life are all enhanced when the

power of creativity is present.

I help people develop freedom through creative intelligence.


How do I do this?

Over two decades of working with people in leadership, business and life,

I have developed a suite of methodologies to assist you getting connected to you.  

Watch this space for coming programmes. 

Creating connections
elevating consciousness
changing lives.



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I live, work and play on Gundungurra country in the southern highlands of NSW, Australia.

I call myself a creator simply because I create. 

And yet, it's more about how I seek to live; I'm interested in what it is to live from creativity - in my daily actions, my intimate relationships as much as my aspirations.

As a painter, weaver, sculptor, and maker, my work is an exploration and a dialogue with nature and the deep, resonant whispers of the earth. 

Each creation is born from a place of listening.

My artistic practice spans vibrant paintings, tactile weavings, evocative sculptures, and innovative pieces, all reflecting the rhythms and voices of the environment.

Inspired by the textures, colors, and patterns found in nature, I seek to translate the earth's stories into visual and tactile experiences. My work explores the play of light and shadow; the intricate interconnections of life; and the energies of the natural world.



Upcoming Workshops 

About the weaving

In the 10 years that I've been running Intuitive Weaving Workshops, I've witnessed literally thousands of people slow down and tap into their creativity and explore the ancient art of weaving.

I'm always blown away by the creativity that emerges and in particular how it confirms everyone is creative.

The video to the left is a snippet of the process and the journey.

This includes some of the the deliciously creative results as well as some of my foraging pics.

If you're wondering what I use for these weaving sessions; I only use the Bangalow Palm Infloresences. Whilst I weave grasses, twine, rainforest vine, wisteria, grapevine and ivy for various projects, for this Dadirri-driven process I only use the whole Bangalow Palm Infloresence. Working with the whole piece means there is partnership between you and the piece. This is quite different from weaving a form with grasses where there's a lot of 'you' in the creation. Partnering with the inflorescence is very different from following a pattern; it requires a deep listening and this is where your intuition steps in.


Gift Certificates

Working with me

Harness the power of your creativity and apply creative intelligence across your life.
- build your confidence and find your voice
- reduce your stress and find balance
- navigate conflict with peace of mind
- see a way forward from feeling stuck
My focus is to assist you create the life that works for you - . 
Working with me is having someone in corner and committed to seeing you flourish.
If this is something you're hungry for, let's chat.

exploration and play 

Make contact:- 
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