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My name is Sarah.

I believe that how we make choices; how we parent, lead; how we communicate

and prioritise and subsequently perform in all areas of life are all enhanced when the

power of creativity is present.

"Creative solutions involve putting yourself on the line.

Find your passion(s) and follow your heart. Your job is to show up. 

You will be amazed how people will respond!

I help people develop freedom through creative intelligence.


How do I do this?

Over two decades of working with people in leadership, business and life,

I have developed a suite of methodologies to assist you getting connected to you.  

Watch this space for coming programmes. 


Creating connections, elevating consciousness, changing lives.

Latest workshops

My workshops give you the opportunity to pause, connect and create.

Gift Certificates
coming soon

Watch this space

How Can I Help You?

Harness the power of your creativity and apply creative intelligence across your life.
- build your confidence and find your voice
- reduce your stress and find balance
- navigate conflict with peace of mind
- see a way forward from feeling stuck
My focus is to assist you create the life that works for you - . 
Working with me is having someone in corner and committed to seeing you flourish.
If this is something you're hungry for, let's chat.

A life of Creativity

Email me:- 
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