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Awakening Your Creative Self 

Developing your creative thinking and practice is known to cause a reduction in anxiety, alleviate limiting beliefs and allow you to experience a sense of accomplishment in seeing your creations and your creative skills develop. 

Skills developed in these creative sessions:- 

* Work based skills; self awareness and communication

* Empathy and expanded understanding of Self and the world

* Connection to nature and who you are in nature 

 One on One Individual Sessions 

1 x 60 min session                          $65  

4 x 60 min sessions                        $199

8 x 60 min sessions                        $390

Group Workshops

1 x 3 hour.                                       TBC

3 x 3 Workshops.                           TBC

Yes: I am NDIS approved with all the necessary stuff ticked so please reach out so we can pursue your creative thinking and expanding journey! 

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