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Investing in You 

The more stable your inner world, the greater resilience you have to navigate the ever-changing outer world.

Life will always throw things your way - 
a sunny day, a sick child, a new job, a new address, a lost friendship, death of a loved one.... 
All of this. best 'good' or 'bad', is change. 
We are not great with change; yet it's always coming.

The most powerful person in any room is the most relaxed. Why? Because they have less cortisol (fear hormone) racing through their body impacting their decisions making capacity and their ability to regulate emotions and make sound judgements. 

Understanding YOU puts you in the drives seat. 
I want you to have your hands on the levers and dials of your life with all your power and all your gifts on tap. Mastering one's mind and understanding what drives and passion are in play are key to a life that works.  


 "Sarah's intuition around how things can and might work is extraordinary. She combines this with down-to-earth straight talking that is fun and very understandable."    

Katharine McClennan. 
"Sarah is able to provide incredible perspective whilst teaching patience, kindness and mental discipline. I have no doubt that the ‘self-work’  undertaken with Sarah has contributed to my occupational and introspective progress and ultimately, growth across all aspects of life."

Jane Farquharson-Billet. Strategy Adviser

Working with me

I believe a world fuelled by creativity is one where communication is effective, understanding is deeper and hence compassion richer, collaboration is a given and people are more fulfilled.

We are living in times demanding greater flexibility and resilience than ever before.

And here's where the real value of creativity comes in. 

These skills are foundational to creating abundant sustainable futures. I do what I do to provide access to the skills that will enable you to navigate whatever life throws your way. I'm interested in people being empowered and enabled to live their best - why? Because everyone benefits. 

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Why work with me?


NB Coaching is not a substitute for medical or other professional assistance. 



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